Thursday, April 21, 2005

What is a CyberArtist?

Hi my Name is George Greene I am an artist to make it clear I am a Cyber Artist.

I took on this title nearly 35 years ago and before that I was computer graphic artist a title that was put to the test many times.

I have always been and artist in some way or form. I have studied many forms of art and became a freelance graphic artist in 1982. I took classic in art at the local Jr. College and got my A.A. in fine Arts but I tried to become something more. At the time I was entering college in the summer of 1979 the home computer was starting to come into being and I saw this as a new tool for the artist in me and others to come.

In that I asked the Jr. College if I could do independent studies with computers and art... I told them I wanted to become a computer graphic artist.  It took month and tons of meetings and the final answer was NO!!!! I was order to meet with them in front of other and was told  this.
Computer are and will NEVER be used for art and that I had wasted their time and that I would have to find another out let to do art but not with computers.
  I could not use the campus computers for art. Oh But if I wanted to be a business major or do drafting oh but then they said my math skills did not work for that so I would just have to go back to doing art with pens and paper and paint...

They said a few other nasty things as well and I would get a chance years later to rub their face in their words but I did not take NO as an answer. I studied art and computers on my own and waited till the time was right.
The home computer too off big and many people saw what I did and jumped on the art wagon and soon other were calling them selves computer graphic artist and I soon found that many were catching up to me even passing me up in this area.
I did not mind it was good to see that I was right and those on the board of the JC were wrong and years later  I got my revenge.
It seem the JR hype they classes and told some one who was in charge of funding they had a Computer Graphic art program.
I they didn't I was on Campus and one of them people who told me No so many year ago ran to me and ask for my help.
I gave my answer with a copy of the letter they gave me..
And sent copies to the the student body... I told they way they said to me and I said NO.                     Most of those old farts left and new people replaced them and no student asking to do something that has not been done before get the chance.

In 1988 I started to see more and more book and art and something called the internet.. I knew of ARPANET that was used by the government and major colleges and all but its was not till 1990 I would get the chance to post my art to the whole world and to see art from others from this new world. I just  found  that from 1977 i had a email account on the JC system so I been online a long wile..
I re-titled my self as an CyberArtist a artist of the cyberpunk world the new world of the electron and I was supported now at a major California State University I had the chance to do my art and computers. I focus on Sculpture and 3D arts and Computer networks and minor in Cogs as well.

I found supporters and those that did not feel computers were right for art as that the art dept was a fine arts dept and not a computer lab. I did a lot of my planning of my art on the computer and did one semester of one of my painting class with the computer. The lobby now has Computer now and there is computer art classes there now.
I got to use new programs a that came to the computer labs of the campus I even worked on the beta of Photoshop and found I could do some art that many saw to be different for anything but still have a fine art look.

Since then I have gone beyond the early programs and slow interface of the mouse or track ball to do my art.

I now have Photoshop and Painter and too many are programs to list to my newest tool a 18X12 Wacom Intuos2 and Intuos4 12X18 graphic tablet.. I did have Hyperpen 4X5 drawing tablet before that and before that I used mouse or a track ball to do my art before that. I also chanced computers many times too.

I started to learn computers with my first system an Commodore 64.
I got it for $500 plus and only a few days after it was released. I learned a lot from that system and still have it (and yes it still runs) my next was an Amiga 500(had 4 of them not just 2and they run too).
Wile at the CSU I worked on the Mac and learned to use many programs but the Amiga with Deluxe Paint and Opel paint and Lightwave I did my art. Photo work and drawings and just layout work for something that was come into its own the Web.

I know that just calling my self a cyber artist seems to not be clear but I feel that this new world that in my eyes is just getting to where it will be the new artist out let no artist will be unknown . Artist have an outlet if the will use it and it is up to the artist to take the steps to use the web to show and sell his work what ever it is.

My art I call Designs from the Chaos it is art made with filter and laying and drawings and original and photos.  On my G+ and some my work is going up on Etsy.

On this site I will post my art and how I did some of the art work and I will do reviews of programs and tell you what I think of them for doing art and if they are worth buying or using.

There is much I could say from here but I will post my art to say the rest.

Thank you

George Greene

The Cyber Artist


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